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Melka is the manufacturer of high quality rubber equipments and remediation tools. With our wide product range, our team of experts continuously develop products and services to meet our customers' needs in the market. Our 32 years of experience in the sector guides us to generate solutions effectively.

Melka exceeds industry standards while maintaining an excellent quality-price balance. Our latest technology production facility with superior fabrication techniques ensure absolute customer satisfaction. Thanks to our consistent cooperation with the professionals in the industry, we carry out research and development in order to anticipate any kind of needs in the industry.

We help professionals conduct their work efficiently in the areas such as underground industries, waterworks, plumbing, sewage systems, chemical pipelines and residential-industrial-municipal systems. Melka will be glad to find solutions to your special requests.

Our Products

Creative Ideas

We develop our products using the latest technologies with creative ideas

Super Safety

It provides high level security by using quality materials in our products.

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We provide continuous technical support to our customers regarding our products

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