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Pipe Plug

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Product Description

The primary objective of our stoppers is blocking the area where fluid flows. Starting from the diameter of 35mm to 2200mm, our pipe plugs are made out of high quality rubbers and reinforced with aramid cording. With the special designed outer layer, the plug shows great friction force against sliding inside pipes. Melka pipe plugs are highly resistant to chemicals. It allows our products to be used in different applications.Our safety valve system prevents over inflation due to faulty gauges or operator error. Besides our wide product range, special pipe plugs can be manufactured according to customer needs with domestic or international specifications.


  • High Resistance to Abrasion-Suitable for frictional environments
  • NR-SBR / NITRILE / EPDM / CHLOROPRENE rubbers, according to customer needs
  • Long Life
  • Great Sealing Properties as well as Excellent Expansion and Memory
  • Optional Safety Valve
  • Wide Expansion Range
  • Required Inflation Pressure: 1,5-2,5 bar / 21,7-36,2 psi

Areas of Usage

  • Waterworks, Plumbing, Underground Industries
  • Sewage Systems: Sanitary and Storm Sewer Pipe Systems
  • Channels
  • Residential / Commercial / Industrial / Municipal Systems

Technical Specifications Table

Back Pressure Table

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