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Why You Should Choose Melka?

32 Years Exprerience In The Industry

Melka has been producing high quality elastomer products with continious development. We pay attention to research and development according to industry needs.

Applicability In Different Fields

Our products can be used in the areas such as residential, commercial,industrial and municipal systems.

Solution Oriented Mindset

Our professional team generates solutions in the most effective way. You can contact us 7/24 to expedite your workflow as soon as possible.

Wide Product Range

There is always suitable Melka product for you in variable sizes.

Extra Durable Products

Durability defines our products. Melka products are tested under the toughest conditions. Our reliability engineering approach ensures safety.

Special Products For You

Melka can manufacture custom made products that can vary in size, material, shape and working characteristics for different applications according to your demand.

We Are Global

Melka has clients from 6 continents. We are glad to generate solutions for our partners all around the world.

Our Production Facility

Melka uses the latest technology in the production to eliminate risks of defects.


We take production scheduling very seriously. Melka has a very good reputation for delivery time.

Above Industry Standards

Melka offers high quality products while maintaining an excellent quality-price balance.

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Creative Ideas

We develop our products using the latest technologies with creative ideas

Super Safety

It provides high level security by using quality materials in our products.

24/7 Support

We provide continuous technical support to our customers regarding our products

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