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Multi Size Bendy Packer

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Product Description

Bendy packers are rehabilitation tools, that repair pipes with smaller diameters, especially used in residential pipeline systems. They are designed to be used in curved parts of pipelines which bend less than 90°. They are manufactured from high quality rubbers and reinforced with aramid cording. Rounded end design simplifies its movement in work environment. Thanks to its flexible design,our packer shows great slipping characteristics. Its flexible structure is also more convenient for its transportation and handling.Besides our wide product range, special bendy packers can be manufactured according to customer needs with domestic or international specifications.


  • 1/4" NPT inflation port with male quick disconnect
  • Can be used in curves up to 90°
  • Extremely flexible
  • Rounded end design
  • Light Weight

Areas of Usage

  • Residential / Commercial / Municipal Systems
  • Waterworks, Plumbing, Underground Industries

Technical Specifications Table

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